A Conversation

Have you had a moment like this?

Travel invigorates. It takes you away from your ordinary and shows you new things. It challenges your assumptions and heightens senses. When you travel you engage life in new and surprising ways.

This moment was captured at the Vatican Museum in Rome. As we walked through the  exhibits, my wife and I came upon this statue of Anubus, the god of the Egyptian afterlife, and a young museum goer who seemed intent on having a personal, one-on-one conversation with this ancient god.

Something about Anubus spoke to her and gave us this perfect reflection of the magic that can happen when history meets a fertile mind. The camera lens captured the moment and the connection being made. Travel lets us experience new things and moments like these. The camera let's us revisit these special moments.

My name is Clinton Richardson and TREKPIC is my photo gallery. I am all about capturing special moments in time and place. I bring decades of experience to the task.

As a boy, I took and developed black and white photos using a 35 mm camera and a dark room crammed into a small unfinished basement. Since then, I have taken hundreds of thousands of images.

Now, after classroom and field work with some fine professional photographers and with the time to travel, I am proud to share with you galleries of some of my favorite images.

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