Alaskan Odyssey

Preview our two week trek into Alaska's heartland. Travel deep into Denali National Park and then south through Talkeetna and Girdwood on our way to Fjord's National Park and Ford's Island. Stop with us in Seward and along Turnagain Arm. Hop on float planes to make your way to Katmai National Park and, later, to the wild territory outside the Park as we walk among 29 grizzlies on a remote lake shore.

Travel with us from Fairbanks to Denali National Park's six million acres of wildlife. Witness a pair of iron ravens, a pipeline, northern lights, bears, caribou, moose and and a clear view of the continent's tallest mountain. Join our fall journey as we make our way along a 90 mile gravel road into the heart of the first national park dedicated to the preservation of wildlife.

The journey within. Travel with us from Denali to Alaska's grizzly-rich coast. Visit Talkeetna, jumping off spot for climbers of Mt. Denali and site where the TV show Northern Exposures was filmed. Head to Girdwood  and Spencer Lake to see glaciers up close then pass Turnagain Arm on your way to Fjord's National Park and Ford's Island.

Visit Katmai National Park where the grizzly bears are so close you can snap this image from a wooden deck. The park's annual salmon run draws hundreds of the normally solitary grizzlies to one spot. The bears can be nine feet all when standing. It's fall and they are in their chubby glory getting ready for winter hibernation. Be there with them!

Join us off the grid as we walk along a lake shore among 29 grizzly bears outside Katmai National Park. The weather is great, the grasses tall and the grizzlies, for the most part, unconcerned about our presence. Get toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye with these commanding giants.