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April Snow

What was it like that windy, snowy morning when we photographed this storm sweeping over the Grand Canyon? How does it feel when the leopard you photographed walks up to your open vehicle and stares into your eyes or when you are so close that you can see the evening's rain bounce off of the back of a jumping lion?

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Safari Series

How do you prepare for an African Safari? And what will you experience once you get there? Lions and elephants and rhino and giraffes and much much more. Interesting people and exotic places. Join us on a trip of a lifetime. Take your first safari without leaving your home.

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Wolf in the Wild

Stare Down

How do you end up in the right place at the right time? What does it feel like when a wolf emerges from the woods and starts walking toward the unsuspecting elk you are photographing?

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Magic Mike and the Otter

K4_Coyote 2_Crop Close Up_16 by 9_DSC4405 copy

What is it like to search through Yellowstone National Park on a snowy day for animals with the world's worst wildlife guide?

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Seeing Through a Lens


Looking through a lens can help you discover more about your environment. Learn how the camera opened my eyes to what I was really seeing, a Great Blue Heron colony in an unlikely place. Click here to read the entry on our sister web site at ReadJanus.com.

Pop Top Yellowstone

Grand Prismatic Pano

It was places like this at Yellowstone that ushered in the era of dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago after killing off most of earth's life.

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The Moose Whisperer

Moose Eye Munch Close 16 by 9 Horizontal_DSC5350 copy

Moose kill more people each year than bears. They are most dangerous when surprised which would not seem likely until you have one emerge from willow patch just feet away.

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