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What's New?

Bears and wolves and moose, oh my! Images from a recent Spring trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Click on the image to join us, Magic Mike the flawed wildlife guide and lots of wild animals in our Wild Wyoming Gallery.

Visit the wild African outback. Join us on on Maasai-owned conservancies and great National Reserves of Kenya.

Click on the image to join to see a survey of five galleries from our Safari Collection.

Who knew that Great Blue Herons nested in colonies or that you could find one on a lake in North Georgia? Up close images of giant, prehistoric looking birds and an single interloper.

Dinosaurs did not disappear, they took flight. Click on the image to view the images from our Jurassic Cove Gallery.

Grown men playing with antique rifles and cannon or a serious, but joyful, reenactment intended to bring history to life?  You decide but only after looking at these images from the 2018 reenactment of the 1860s Battle of Aiken.

Click on the image to see our A Civil War Gallery.